Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Frog and Lizard lamps

These are 2 of the three frog lamps I created to look as if they were walking up the wall. The glass is both sitting on top of the paper and cut away and embedded in the pieces.

Autumn leaf sconce

This piece is hand-painted to look like an autumn leaf in the process of changing color.
This is made with 16 guage wire and paper mache. This lamp is in my collection and is for sale, please inquire.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Wall Sconce

This wall scone is off-white/beige. Tallest side is 27 inches by 15" wide.

Custom lamp shade

This lampshade was created for an old chinese urn that was converted into a base. I can design a shade for that special base you love and want something really interesting for.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Tree lamp

This lamp exemplies the tree lamp period of my work. I probably created 8-10 lamps that had either legs that were trees or trunks. Many of them had branches running right through the shade.
Lik all my lamps, this was entirely created using 16 guage wire and paper mache. The shade was molded as the paper mache was drying. It is painted to look like bronze. There are pennies embedded in it's trunk for weight. This took a LONG time to build. It was in a gallery show of 21st century art as well as show at The Roxbury Arts Group.


This lamp was actually sold in Soho at a store that was carrying my work.

Leaf sconce

This lamp has hemp "veins" which can only be seen when the lamp is lit and unfortunately I don't have a picture of the lit product, because this was taken in the "pre-digital" days.


Chinese lamp